National Agency of prospective projects of the Republic of Uzbekistan



Distributed ledger technology


The perspectives of a digital economy and blockchain in Uzbekistan are estimated as very promising. The President Decree dated September 2, 2018 formed the basis of a free activity of companies in the sphere of crypto-assets sales volume and blockchain technologies.

Moreover, such technologies are being implemented in the public sector via public and private partnership.

The Digital Trust Fund was established to handle the tasks as follows:


  • attracting investments for implementation of projects in the field of digital economy development, including those ones related to the introduction of blockchain technologies;
  • implementing most promising and strategically important projects for development of the digital economy on the basis of public and private partnership, including in the field of crypto-assets sales volume and activities of crypto-exchanges, as well as training and other training related activities while development and implementation of blockchain technologies;
  • partnering with the start-up projects and providing crypto-assets mechanisms;
  • providing technical assistance in development of crypto-assets sales volume and blockchain technologies;
  • funding and supporting start-up initiatives that are aimed at contributing to the development of the digital economy;
  • financing of training events, conferences and other events in the field of digital economy development.

The financing of the Fund is aimed to promote the projects in the field of digital economy, blockchain technology and crypto-exchanges.

The Fund is free of tax and custom duties until July 1, 2021.

The remarkable thing is that on November 12, the first pilot implementation of blockchain technology in Uzbekistan was launched, namely in the field of automated registry system for the SUE "State Centre for Expertise and Standardization of Medicines, Medical Devices and Medical Equipment". The centre is now protected from any data manipulation in such a way.

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