National Agency of prospective projects of the Republic of Uzbekistan



The first license was issued to operate crypto-depository in the Republic of Uzbekistan


On June 21, 2023, the National agency of perspective projects (hereinafter - Agency), in accordance with the Presidential Resolution of July 3, 2018 № RP-3832 “On measures to develop the digital economy and the sphere of crypto-assets turnover in the Republic of Uzbekistan” and the Order of director of the Agency
“On the approval of regulations on the procedure of licensing the activities of service providers in the sphere of crypto-assets turnover” (reg. No 3380 of August 15, 2022), “LOCKTON HUB” LLC was issued the first license for crypto-depository activities in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The founder of “LOCKTON HUB” LLC is “LOCKTON SOLUTION LLC-FZ” (Dubai, UAE), the technical partner of “LOCKTON HUB” LLC is “DISTRIBUTED LAB”.

The relevant information has been added to the electronic register of licenses in accordance with the established procedure and is publicly available on the official website of the Agency at this link.

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